The company, LABEL FORMATION, supports you in your request for training for your associates. A successful company takes into account a company’s human capital by supporting and training employees of the company.  

Registered at the Prefecture under n°9383025728, the company is listed as DATADOCK. 

Label Formation can also offer training that can be charged to OPCA under the training plan. 

Training is delivered by qualified ICA/IRCA Trainers or technical experts, in order to bring you a high level of demand and satisfaction.

Here are a few examples of the training programs we offer:

  • Initial training for internal audits
  • Training for supplier and sub-contractor audits
  • Training «Implementation of ISO 9001:2015» – public : Quality Manager
  • Training «Implementation of ISO 9001 :2015» – public : Operators
  • Training «Implementation of ISO 9001 :2015» – public : Operators - Good practice awareness in agribusiness production/ cosmetics
  • Training « Implementation of ISO14001 :2015» – public: Quality Manager
  • Training «Implementation of ISO 14001 :2015» – public : Operators
  • Training «Implementation of ISO 45001:2018 – transition» – public: management team
  • Accounts Training, implementation of internal accounting.
  • Development of knowhow through photography

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can offer a program adapted to your needs and requirements.

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