Label Qualité Système has a team of auditors across France so can offer you support which meets your needs in keeping with your line of business.

The Audit cycle is implemented over 3 years in the following way:


Initial audit :(documentation) and phase 2 (on-site application)


Follow-up audit (12 months after initial audit)


Follow-up audit 2 – assessment of phase (24 months after initial audit)


Renewal audit which starts a new 3-year certification phase

An auditor will be assigned to you based on his competencies and your line of business for the duration of the certification phase, which allows for regular monitoring and constant progression.

Label Qualité Système will also support you:

Preliminary certification audit

Before commencing the certification audit

Second audit

During version changes (e.g. évolution ISO 9001version 2015)

Internal audit

Solely for clients non-certified by LQS

Supplier / sub-contractor audit

To qualify suppliers or sub-contractors

Additional audit

Extended scope of activity, new site, reorganisation

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can study the feasibility of your needs

Nos règles de certifications sont disponibles sur le lien suivant cliquez-iciElles sont systématiquement fournies dans leur dernière version à nos clients lors de l’élaboration d’une proposition de certification.Our certification rules are available on demand. They are systematically provided to our clients in their latest version throughout the development of the certification proposal. 

All complaints sent to Label Qualité Système are examined in order to identify whether they concern the certification activity. For complaints concerning a certified client, LQS asks clients to communicate action proposals in order to deal with them as quickly as possible. Action proposals should be approved by LQS and implemented by the client. Verification of the implementation of these actions will be carried out by LQS throughout the follow-up audit.

The complainant will be informed of the decision made by LQS following the complaint.

(Extract of certification rules)

Retrouvez les engagements Qualite de LABEL QUALITE SYSTEME (en date du 17/11/2020)

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